How to Baypass Pokemon GO Soft Ban

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I apologize to those people, but yet the most recent software update for Android does not allow location was spoofing so just make sure you’re on an older software update now, and this is just general stuff I’m going to talk about now just in broad terms for everyone.

Both Android and iOS users we’re all on the same boat for this one um sniping no longer works right now there are ways to get around it, but
they’re difficult but I am going to get into that in today’s video but tonight is no longer works. Also, the 40 pokey stops spin it no longer works as well if you don’t know what that is whenever you
would get soft bands in Pokemon go mod apk you did have the ability to spin and poke you stopped 40 times to get on soft bands.

Now Niantic, for the most part, didn’t know about this they didn’t know that the community was. I guess exploiting it to get around soft bands, but they did finally remove it I’m not sure if they started watching my videos or something, but both realized that Oh hackers kind of know about this, so they did remove it.

Now I guarantee like I guarantee there is some other way to get around soft bands right because the reason why is because if you did not know not take themselves the developers of this game Pokemon go, they hack themselves believe it or
not they teleport all over the world to kind of test new Pokemon spawns and a new Pokemon, in general.

So the developers of the game are very good at teleporting right, so I guarantee there has to be some other way to get around soft bands. Because the reason why the 40 pokey stops spin was in the in the video was there in the first place was the help to developers to get around the flexible band.